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When Do You Know Loved Ones Need Care?

By Pam Gennings, Executive Director Special Projects* Over the years I have talked to many family members who come home for the holidays and become concerned because they have noticed “changes” in their loved one or their circumstances. They are [...]

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“When words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Anderson

The language area of the brain is impacted early in the Alzheimer’s disease process, but music touches a different part of the brain. Some individuals will respond to music when nothing else seems to reach them.

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Customize Your Care

Oxford provides a variety of customized, quality-of-life services to help our clients continue to do the things they have always loved. Private duty services provide the help needed to remain independent at home.

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What to Do When a Loved One Won’t Accept Help

If possible, be proactive and start a relaxed conversation with an elderly loved one about the possibility of receiving help at home. Practicing listening skills and spending time with your loved one can create opportunities for meaningful conversations and empower your loved one by having input in decisions regarding his/her care.

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