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Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System

Every year, approximately one in every three adults age 65 and older will fall. Nearly half of them won’t be able to get up after the fall. Lifeline with AutoAlert can automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall, even if you can’t press the help button yourself.

Lifeline Services – Safe, Independent Living at Home or on the Go

Trusted by more hospitals, doctors, professional caregivers and families, Oxford HealthCare’s Lifeline is the ideal choice for your personal safety, or the safety of a loved one. Oxford’s Lifeline system provides security in case of a medical emergency, a fall, a house fire or anytime you are in need of immediate assistance. But Lifeline is not just a personal response system for emergencies.

Subscribers wear a device that offers help at the push of a button, or, when equipped with AutoAlert, detects falls and calls for help automatically. Oxford Lifeline can travel with you anywhere in the United States, and it can even predict the risk of a fall, allowing concerns to be addressed before they become emergencies.

All Oxford Lifeline services provide help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we offer the only locally managed program in our area.

If you are concerned about your own well-being, or the safety and security of a loved one, you can trust Lifeline from Oxford HealthCare to help you maintain your independence with confidence, whether at home or on the go.

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How Lifeline Works

  • Call for Help: Press the Help button to be connected to a trained professional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or, when equipped with AutoAlert, the device will detect a fall and call for help automatically.
  • Help is On the Way: The response center relays medical information to emergency responders to ensure the best possible care, and waits to confirm that help arrived. With GoSafe, six advanced locating technologies pinpoint your location so you can get help at home or anywhere in the United States.
  • CareSage Predictive Analytics: CareSage feature can identify the increased risk of a fall in the next 30 days so concerns can be addressed before they become emergencies.

Which Oxford Lifeline Solution is Right for You?

At Home At Home &
On the Go
HomeSafe HomeSafe with AutoAlert GoSafe
At-home coverage
Waterproof pendant with Help button
2-way communication through In-home Communicator
Landline or wireless options available
24/7 access to Response Center 365 days/year
#1 AutoAlert fall detection
CareSage Predictive Analytics
Away-from-home coverage
GPS-enabled location services
Mobile, 2-way communication

Lifeline HomeSafe system

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Lifeline HomeSafe system with AutoAlert

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Lifeline GoSafe system

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Our Care Coordinators will be happy to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.


CareSage predictive analytics graphThe CareSage feature can predict the potential of a fall and therefore the increased likelihood that a subscriber will need emergency response services in the next 30 days. By identifying this risk early, response center staff can alert clients and caregivers to address concerns before they become emergencies.

Oxford HealthCare’s Lifeline is the only service that offers such a feature in our area.

The Oxford Difference

Not all personal emergency response systems are created equal. Oxford HealthCare Lifeline is the only locally managed program in the area. This means our clients get personal service anytime, day or night. You receive professional installation with extensive distance testing and training. We provide maintenance at no charge to our clients and never require a contract.

Benefits of Oxford Lifeline

  • Locally managed program so setup, questions and concerns are handled with immediate attention.
  • Professional installation by trained staff who do extensive distance testing and training.
  • We maintain all equipment free of charge.
  • No contract, pay as you go.
  • Exclusive CareSage feature identifies increased risk for falls.
  • Response center staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lifeline Service Area

Lifeline Personal Emergency Response Service Area Map



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