Oxford Lifeline HomeSafe with AutoAlert

Automatically Detects Falls Around the Home

The AutoAlert pendant automatically detects falls and alerts the Oxford Lifeline response center, even if you are unable to press the button yourself.

Features & Benefits

  • AutoAlert fall detection. Your pendant is designed with the #1 AutoAlert fall detection that can automatically call for help if it detects a fall, even if you are disoriented or unconscious.
  • CareSage Predictive Analytics. CareSage feature can identify the increased risk of a fall in the next 30 days so concerns can be addressed before they become emergencies.
  • Freedom of movement. The range of the in-home Communicator allows you to call for help around your home.
  • Always convenient. Wearing your help button ensures that help is always at hand.
  • Two-way communication. Speak directly with response center personnel through your in-home Communicator.
  • Access to our Response Centers 24/7. Professional, specially trained staff answer your call any time of day or night, 365 days a year.


Lifeline with AutoAlert Pendant

The Lifeline AutoAlert pendant is worn on an adjustable cord around your neck, keeping it always within reach.

  • Waterproof. Keep your help button with you in the shower or bath, where falls are most common.
  • Lightweight. Comfortable and light, your help button can be worn above or under clothing.
  • Worry-free battery. The help button battery is long lasting, and we replace it for you before it runs down.

In-Home Communicator

The Communicator receives the signal from your help button and then works like a speakerphone, connecting you to Response Center and the help you need.

  • High-quality microphone and speakers. The Communicator is designed to transmit and receive sound from throughout your home.
  • Automatic self-tests. The Communicator automatically notifies Oxford if maintenance is required.
  • Landline or wireless. Choose the best type of connection for you.
  • Worry-free battery. To protect you during power outages, the communicator includes a 30-hour battery backup.

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