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GeriJoy Technology Improves Quality of Life for Patients.

“GeriJoy is a pioneering game-changing innovation for aging and geriatric care that leverages the best of both human and technological capabilities.”
—Jennie Chin Hansen, President of AARP (2008-10) and CEO of American Geriatrics Society (2010-15)

There have been amazing advancements in medical technology; however, technology’s latest caregiving innovation greatly improves quality of life through human contact and technology.

GeriJoy Companion, available through Oxford HealthCare, combines advanced technology with human interaction and compassion. The simple to use GeriJoy tablet provides 24/7 access to a team of caregivers able to communicate with the individual, provide emotional support, healthcare support, important reminders and stimulating social interaction.

GeriJoy is proving to be extremely beneficial for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Dementia patients, in particular, struggle with loneliness, and daily human interaction and communication improves mental function and mood.

With GeriJoy, seniors are able to receive human interaction when a loved one or caregiver can’t be there. Family photos, special songs, favorite memories and helpful reminders may also be shared on the screen.

See how GeriJoy allows this lady to remain at home with the help of communication from her companion:

“GeriJoy is something you really have to see in action,” said Shallina Goodnight, Oxford’s Executive Director of HealthCare Services. “It’s really amazing how it allows for human interaction and communication and noticeably reduces a patient’s anxiety or loneliness.”

To learn more about GeriJoy technology, watch this short Ted Talk presented by GeriJoy creator Victor Wang.

For more information or to set up a GeriJoy Companion for a loved one, contact an Oxford Care Coordinator, today.