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    For many of us, there may come a time when we, or a family member, will face an illness that limits life expectancy.  This changes your life as you deal with new emotions, physical changes, spiritual questions and financial issues.  Oxford HealthCare Hospice is here to provide care and support for patients and their families throughout this difficult time.

    Oxford's experienced, specially trained hospice staff understands the unique emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of patients, and families, coping with a terminal illness.  We provide a wide range of services, including treatment of symptoms and pain management as well as coordination of doctor visits or in-patient treatment.

    We also offer many specialized supportive services so patients, friends and family can spend more quality time together, reliving old memories and creating new ones.  Our caring hospice staff provides counsel and compassion to families and patients alike, just when they need it most.  Hospice care enables patients of any age to live as fully and comfortably as possible by ministering to their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, as well as the needs of their loved ones.

    ELIZABETH LEE Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

    [JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.] – [March 13], 2013 – Elizabeth Lee, Hospice and Palliative Care Specialist with Oxford HealthCare, was presented with the Missouri Hospice & Palliative Care Association Heart of Hospice Lifetime Achievement Award at a luncheon in Jefferson City on Wednesday, March 13.

    Ms. Lee has worked in hospice care for over 38 years and has practiced both in the United States and abroad. She was involved in some of the pioneer efforts of the development of hospice care.

    “It gives me great confirmation that my life has mattered, that I made the right choices and followed my heart,” said Lee. “It is a great feeling to be honored.”

    Lee was nominated by her hospice team members, who submitted both a biographical narrative (describing the nominee’s activities that make her eligible for the award) and letters of support. She was selected by a four-person committee of MHPCA from a total of six nominees state-wide. “The MHPCA Heart of Hospice Lifetime Achievement Award is designed to honor a person affiliated with MHPCA Member Hospice who over the course of many years has given above and beyond the call of duty, giving of him/herself, thus enhancing the quality of life for Hospice patients,”—from MHPCA.

    “Elizabeth Lee is a great asset to Oxford HealthCare and the hospice program, and she is very deserving of this award,” said Karen Thomas, Oxford HealthCare president. “She has given her life to hospice and helped develop our hospice and palliative care program. We are proud to be the only full service hospice and palliative care in the area.”

    When asked about her core beliefs involving hospice care, Lee stresses that there is a huge impact on family and the quality of life remaining [for a loved one]; “Getting the person out of pain makes a difference. The patient always comes first, and their needs become primary in everything you do. Do unto others as you would want done,” Lee said.

    Oxford HealthCare Hospice Team Members Pay Tribute to Elizabeth Lee

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